Sedrick Halbert is an actor, model, and writer. Currently residing in Chicago, IL, he is rapidly creating a name for himself.

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Relax and browse through the gallery and check out my headshots, photo shoots, and behind the scenes photos of me.

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Hard work pays off! Head over to the videos page and check out my latest acting reel, commercials, and projects I’ve been in.

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  • Audition Bonanza

    I’m not going to lie. My acting life has been pretty consistent and steady as of late. Honestly, I feel...
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  • Wisconsin Lottery

    About a week ago, a casting agent from Wisconsin reached out to me on Facebook and asked me if I...
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  • Showtime TV Show

    Recently, I was advised that I should get some new headshots. Not because the ones I had done last year...
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Did You Know?

I have an identical twin brother named Reggie. Yes, identical. At least, that's what the doctor said. And honestly, you'd probably say the same thing if you saw us standing next to each other. I’m the oldest between the two of us, born exactly one minute before him and if you ask me, that makes me smarter and wiser. Just don’t tell my brother!