A Look Back at 2014

I remember wondering to myself, this time last year  what the new year might bring. Now, looking back, I have to say that 2014 has brought about so many new opportunities and so many doors have been open, most of which I never would have imagined. I think it’s important to take a moment and look back at all of the things you have accomplished because you can get a better idea of the things that have worked for you and the things that haven’t.

I’ve definitely grown as an actor. After taking so many acting classes, memorizing lines have become so much easier for me now which is a huge help. I’ve trained really hard and even took some voice lessons to help with my diction and pronunciation.

My professional website is up and running and so far it’s been a hit. I’ve gotten some wonderful feedback about it and I think it’s a great vehicle for an actor. I have better business cards with new photos and headshots and have an acting reel that really showcases my acting chops.

Thinking back now, I’m proud to say that I’ve worked with some very cool clients like Capella University, Buffalo Wild Wings, 3M, Metro Transit, Park Nicollet Clinic, Remington College and more. The fact that I have a list is very exciting to me.  All of those shoots were fun and I even was able to get some cool photos out of some of them which is definitely an added bonus.

I was able to be an extra on the ABC show “In An Instant” for two episodes, snagged a role in a Christian film called “Soul Survivors”, and recently shot some scenes for a webseries called “Nightwing”. I’ve formed better relationships with my agents and people in the industry and have made some friends a long the way too.

I’ve very proud of how far I’ve come in a year. And even though I can think of tons of auditions where I didn’t get the part or some things I failed at, I’ve come out as a stronger person and have learned a lot. A failed attempt is far better than no attempt and all.  With pain brings knowledge and knowledge is power. Believing is one thing, but knowing is even better and I know that 2015 is going to be an even better year for me!

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