Making the Move

To me, moving in general can be very messy. There’s just so many things you have to take care of and none of it is easy, especially if you have a job or other responsibilities. As a person who went to three different high schools in four years, I’m not a fan of moving at all. In spite of this, I’ve made the decision to move to Chicago.

There were a lot of factors that went into this decision. For starters, my parents live there and I don’t feel like there’s anything more important than family. Visiting them every now and then just isn’t the same as seeing them on a more regular basis and I feel like I owe it to my family to be as close to them as possible.

Also, I want more acting opportunities. The acting community in Minnesota has been very good to me, but there are just fewer jobs here compared to bigger markets like Chicago, California, New York, or Atlanta. Honestly, I don’t have a strong desire to move to California or New York, but Chicago is practically right around the corner and there’s a lot going on there right now. They have at least five or six TV shows that film within the city like NBC’s Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, and Fox’s Empire. And those shows uses Chicago’s talent pool to cast roles for their shows. If I was apart of that talent pool, I could have a shot of landing a role too.

With any major decision, there’s a sense of nervousness, sadness, fear, and excitement. I’ve worked very hard to get to where I am right now and it’s difficult to close the door and say goodbye to the acting life that I’ve created for myself here. But at the same time, I feel that I owe it to myself to try. I think that the worse feeling in the world would be to wake up one day and have a feeling of regret that I didn’t try and go for it. And I have to remind myself that if I worked hard here, I’ll work hard wherever I go because that’s who I am.

I have a good feeling about all of this and I’m positive it’ll all work out for my good. So, I’m very grateful for all of the opportunities that I’ve had here in Minnesota, but I’m now ready to take a leap of faith and start a new life in Chicago. As one door closes, I’m sure that another one will open.

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