A Good Audition

I’ve been going to auditions for years now and every single one of them always surprise me because I’m always learning something new. Auditions can be tricky, nerve-wrecking, and overwhelming. But what I’ve found out is that, like with most things, auditioning is an art that truly gets better over time. There are definitely tons of tips and tricks that you can do to relax yourself, but to me, the best way to master the art of auditioning is just to audition. It’s not everyday that I say this, but I feel like I really had a good audition the other day.

It was an audition for a breakfast commercial. The casting directors wanted me to come in for the role of a choir director and a gospel singer and that’s right up my alley because I’m very familiar with both! I used to be the director of the youth choir at my church and have sung in the choir my entire life. And I love gospel music so this was definitely a role that I’ve practically been preparing for my entire life!

Since there wasn’t a specific script or lines for this audition, I took some time to think about how I could be more prepared for it. So, I wrote down some things about my real life experience as a choir director and as a gospel singer at church. I even went over a few songs just in case they asked me to sing.

For the audition, I dressed for the part. They say you are what you eat, but you can also be what you look like so I wanted to look the part. I didn’t wear a suit, but I did wear nice dress pants, a button up dress shirt, a tie, and nice dress shoes.

When I got to the casting office, they quickly called my name and asked me about my experience as a choir director. Then they asked me to sing – yes sing! It was a good thing that I was prepared for that or else I would have been completely thrown off. But since I was prepared for it, I took a moment and a deep breath, and sang a few lines of “His Eye is On the Sparrow“. They actually clapped for me too. After that, one of the clients in the room asked me what my favorite foods were.

“I like friend chicken, pizza, French fries are my life, and bacon,” I replied cooly.

She chuckled. “Really? Now do you eat bacon and French fries together?” she asked me.

“Well, I’ll have a burger with bacon on it and then a side of fries,” I told her.

She laughed and I thanked her for the opportunity and left.

For me, this was a very good audition and let me tell you why. For starters, the guy running the casting session was a guy that I had two acting workshops with last year. So, he recognized me because we’ve worked together before. Secondly, even though I had to sing, I was less nervous about this audition versus ones in the past. And even though the clients were in the room, I was prepared to sing and talk about my experiences. I answered their questions clearly and confidently. They even clapped for me after I sung and they giggled at some of my responses to their questions.

So this was definitely a win! It’s not even about getting the part. Of course, that’s the icing on the cake, but I’m glad that I was put together in such a way that I felt that I left a good enough impression on them that they’ll ask for me to come back again.

And that for me is a very good audition!

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