Audition: Hotel Project

The winter season has come and things typically slow down in the acting community. Nevertheless, there’s still some work out there. I find myself praying and crossing all of my fingers and toes for a phone call or email with a job opportunity and last week I got one. One of my agents called me about an audition!

Needless to say, I was beyond excited! It’s been awhile since I’ve been on an audition so I was stoked for the chance to be apart of a new project. I’ve had a lot of direct bookings in the past and those are wonderful because you don’t have to audition and if you’re available, you basically have the job. But for most jobs, especially the bigger brands and the higher paying ones, there’s an audition process.

I got the call from one of my agents that I haven’t heard from in a long while. The audition was for a commercial for a hotel located in the southern states. Even though I worked that night, I still managed to memorize my lines. Auditions are nerve-wrecking and scary in general, but the better that I’m prepared, but the more relaxed that I am. And practice really does help so since I’ve been on my fair share of auditions in the past, I wasn’t overly nervous about this one.

When I got to the agents office, there were a few other actors waiting in the room with me. They were in the middle of a conversation when I arrived so I tried my best just to focus on my lines and to focus. One of the guys turned to me and told me that once in the office, they would be asking me for a funny story. A big part of this commercial project was based on improve so that’s why they were asking us for a story. I smiled and thanked the guy because generally, people don’t give you the tip-off about anything, but I was definitely grateful.

I went and did my thing. The agent was recording the audition tapes and then sending them to the client so that made things a little more welcoming. She had the script taped to wall to read off and that helped too even though I had the script memorized. She asked me for my story and I told her a funny tale of my twin brother, Reggie and I when we worked at the same fast food restaurant during college.

All in all, it was a fun audition. I felt well prepared and afterwards, I felt that I gave a good performance. Whether or not I get the job depends on a number of factors, most of which I may never know, but it’s all good to me. At this point, I’m not focused on actually getting the part. Just getting the audition was a “win” in my book and I’m sure that the more auditions I go on, eventually, I’ll book something.

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