Auditions Fire

Things have been a little slow in the last month, but that’s how things usually work. It’s like a roller-coaster with highs and lows. But I did manage to snag a few auditions within the last few weeks and they’re ones that I was very excited about.

My most recent audition was this past Monday. It was an industrial for a Modelo beer, which is a big beer company. The description of the role wanted experience bartenders because the project were how-to videos explaining how to make certain drinks. With me being in the restaurant business for a number of years now, this audition was right up my alley and something that I was very familiar with.

To audition, they wanted us to make a drink called Michelada, which is a popular spicy drink. In order to prepare for it, I asked my good friend, Oscar, who I worked with to come over the day before. He gave me some great tips and after gathering all of the ingredients, I was able to make a good drink. I’m really happy that I had the extra practice with Oscar the day before because his guidance really prepared me for the actual audition.

When I got there, they simply asked me to make the drink while explaining what I was doing. Since it’s an industrial, it’s a how-to guide and since I’ve done some of those before, I was comfortable with doing that. I even added my own personality to it. Even though there were no lines, I felt like this was one of my best auditions ever. I felt really comfortable with making the drink and explaining what I was doing.

Last week, I had an audition for Chicago PD. It was for a speaking role for an episode and even though there weren’t very many lines, it was still a big thing to me since being on one of those major networking television shows is one of my dreams. I was a little nervous at the audition, but I still think I did an okay job. At the very least, I hope I did well enough so that the casting director will invite me back again. This episode was only episode two so it’s still very early in the season with at least twenty more to go. I hope there’s a role for me later in the season.

So, the last few weeks have been filled with some really cool auditions. For me, the projects are starting to become bigger and with more well known brands and television series. Also, both of these projects were SAG and I’d be one step closer with being apart of the union, which is what all the major films and television shows is apart of. I hope I have more great auditions like these to come!

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