EVINE Audition

October has really taken me by surprise with how busy I’ve been, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s been a crazy few days for me and I ended up traveling back to Minnesota for an audition and a booking. I used to live there and still have agents there so it’s cool when they call me with a gig or to check my availability. I generally always say yes and usually am around for just a day or so, but I was actually around town for three days this time.

The audition was for EVINE which is much like ShopHQ and it’s filmed in Minnesota. My agent wanted me to audition for a guest host gig. It’s nothing that I’ve ever done before, especially when I think about the selling aspect of the job. Yeah, you’re on camera and it’s live TV, but you’re not an actor, but a host. Since my general philosophy is never to say, “no”, I agreed to do it.

I booked a hotel and rented the ugliest yellow car I’ve ever seen. Seriously, it was like a school bus, but that’s a story for another time. The audition was Sunday in the Rotunda at the Mall of America and the whole experience was like anything that I’ve ever encountered.

The idea was me to “sell” a product. It could be anything, but I ended up presenting a watch. I did some research on it, got some history about it, and described it’s top features. What I wasn’t prepared for was the fact that the audition was set up American Idol-style – in front of a panel of three judges that decided then and if you would get a callback the next day or not. To add to my misery, they were filming it LIVE for their network and it was in the Rotunda where shoppers and anybody could just stop and hear you.

Honestly, I was really nervous. I’m used to auditioning in a more private setting and wasn’t prepared for the openness of the process. But I did my best to tuck away my nerves and fears and presented the watch to the best of my ability. Unfortunately, the passed on asking me for a callback and gave me some good feedback (that I was talking to fast).

Overall, it was still a good experience. If I had to do it over again, I would have presented a product that I was more familiar with. One lady had baked cookies and another one did a workout DVD. They didn’t seem to be too concerned about the details of the product, but rather your personality. By me picking something like a watch that I wasn’t super duper familiar with, I paused here and there trying to recall the details.

But again, it was a really good experience and I’ll be better prepared next time. As always, I’m just grateful for the opportunities and as long as I’m learning something, it’s still can turn out to be a good experience.

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