Film Self-Tape Audition

It’s been a busy few weeks for me and I haven’t had a chance to blog about it, but I’m ready to share about my most recent adventures.

Last week, I got an email about a new feature film that they will be filming in Wisconsin over the next few months. The exciting part about it was that I was selected to audition for one of the many speaking roles the film has. For me, that in itself is totally amazing because the stakes are always so high, even with scoring an audition. So the fact that I was selected for that is really good!

Since the audition was in Wisconsin, they allowed me to self-tape the audition. I didn’t have to travel all the way there for it and I’ll still be in the running for the role they wanted me to audition for. Last year, I bought a new camera and a stand so I finally have the materials to self-tape auditions. This is cool since these days, everything is so technical and electronic. So far, it’s definitely been a good investment.

The script for this film seemed to have a lot of speaking roles and they wanted me to audition for the role of Tyler. He seemed to be egotistical, rude and the lines are funny. Tyler is trying to talk his friends into playing a prank on someone.

My brother, Reggie, helped me with the self-tape. He filmed it and read the other lines for me and it was a really great experience. He’s an actor too, so he was helping me with my lines, giving me some directions and suggestions too. It’s always great to work with someone who knows how this work and I think the audition turned out really great. I appreciated his help and support.

So that’s that. Whether or not I get the part is up to them, but at least I had a great time collaborating with my brother and I think it turned out great. At least I have the satisfaction in knowing that I did my very best!

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