Huggies Audition

I’ve been blessed to have had a good string of bookings within the last few months. Not only does this bring about more income for me, but it brings about more exposure for me, confidence, and it proves to my agents that I am bookable. But here in Chicago, you have to audition in order to get those big roles so it’s good to balance bookings with some auditions.

I was surprised to get a call from my agent around noon today telling me that he had an audition for me today! Usually, I get a least a day or two notice, but not in this case. At first, I didn’t even hear what the audition was for. All I know is that I was napping, and he told me the time was at 4:55 pm. I knew I had to be at work at 4 and normally, I’d just forget about work and make the audition my priority, but I didn’t have any time to make arrangements. I asked my agent to get me an earlier audition time, but when a few hours went by, I just figured it was over.

So, I picked up the phone and called again. I got a different person at the agency and next thing I knew, she said that casting agreed to see me whenever I got there! See, if I hadn’t of followed my mind and followed up with a phone call, I would have missed out on this opportunity! And an audition is one step closer to be selected and chosen and it’s still a win. So, I’m glad I followed my mind.

I quickly packed some clothes for work and drove my new SUV (that my acting earnings helped me get) and sped on to the audition. There wasn’t anyone there in the audition room and I found out that it was a commercial for Huggies. I was auditioning for the role of the dad. This is definitely up my league since I don’t always look old enough to be the father of older children, but I can definitely pass for being the father of an infant baby.

The audition was pretty quick and easy. The man asked me my background with babies and I told him that I liked playing with them and making them laugh. He made me hold a fake baby and stare at it as I pretended to put her to sleep as I stared at her in awe as a proud father….

It would be so cool if I booked this role, but nonetheless, I appreciate getting the audition. I feel like the clients that I’m auditioning for are getting bigger. I was recently submitted and had auditions for MasterCard, Ruby Tuesdays, Nissan, and Gateroade… I’m glad the agent helped work things out for me and I really do feel in my spirit that greater things are coming my way.

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