It’s Audition Time

I sometimes wish that I had a day all to myself. Last week was definitely a roller-coaster of a ride for me and I was busy with a lot of acting-related events, but I couldn’t be happier. It’s always been my dream to be a busy-body with my acting versus work or anything else. So last week I got my wish and it was a very cool feeling.

I had a two auditions last week which is really good for me. I book work, but honestly, I don’t feel that I go on very many auditions so being able to have two auditions in one week was a pretty big deal for me. The first audition was for a print job with one of the biggest casting offices in Chicago. They book a lot of work for the TV shows here and I was excited for this audition because it was my very first one with them. My agent said that they requested to see me so that’s always a good sign of something.

Print auditions are always funny for me because there aren’t many things you have to do to prepare for them. There aren’t any lines or anything. You literally just go there so they can see you. When I got there, they saw five of us at a time and made us sit together at a table and play a game of Jenga. I guess they wanted to see how we’d look together and individually. I tried to be as vocal, playful and smiley as I could be. And that was that. Pretty simple, but still exciting.

My second audition was on Saturday at one of the colleges around town. It was for a web series and I decided to audition for this because it sounds like a lot of fun. This year, I’m striving to be more involved in the acting community and there’s no better way to do this than to get involved with different projects around town, paid or unpaid. A web series sounds like a ton of fun. I’d have ten short episodes of playing the same character over and over again with a new adventure in each episode. Even though the project was unpaid, it sounds like a good thing for me to be apart of.

And just the other day, I booked a job with one of my out of town agents for a job here in Chicago. We were filming outside and it was raining a little bit that day and some of the crew held umbrellas for us while we waited to film our scene. It might not be anything to most people, but it made me feel special, almost like a movie star. Also, I was reunited with another actress who worked on a previous project with me months ago so it was fun to catch up with her and laugh in between takes.

It’s definitely been an exciting week for me! I had two auditions and a booked job which isn’t bad at all! It’s definitely been the busiest I’ve been acting wise in a long time. I’m grateful for the auditions because they’re opportunities to be seen and eventually the more I go on them, the better I’ll get. Eventually, I know I’ll book something too. I can only hope that I’ll have more busy weeks like these in the future.

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