So. this I had an audition with the casting office that casts for Chicago Med. I was uber excited because they are a big casting office and you don’t always get a lot of auditions with them, but this week I did! It was for a new TV show called Next and they wanted me to be a police officer.

I was nervous, but it was good nerves. There weren’t a lot of lines, but I studied them and got familiar with the context of the script and stuff. I have my own car, but lately I’ve been ubering to my auditions because I feel like I’m a lot calmer. I don’t have to stress over driving and parking in Chicago and I can focus on my lines.

I arrived there early and on time so I could prepare and just get settled. Sometimes, even when you know all of your lines, when you get in front of others, the nerves set in and the lines fly out the window. Trust me, it’s happened to me. But it was cool. I saw a familiar friend, Angelique there. We took an acting class this summer together. I went in, thanked the casting for having me, said my lines, and that was that. Easy=peasy and honestly, I’m proud of myself.

Even if I don’t get the part, I think I was professional enough and hopefully they will invite me back for another one. That’s what really counts!

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