Well, I’m back on that audition grind and this one felt really special to me for a lot of reasons. I got the call from my agent while I was at work. I rushed into the restroom and called them back and confirmed the audition. These opportunities are so hard to come by and I definitely wasn’t going to let a job (no shade) stop me! My agent said that the audition was for the TV show “Shameless” and I practically had to pick my draw up off the floor. The show is filmed here in Chicago and is really popular.

I studied my lines, felt prepared, and was ready for the audition. I took an uber, arrived early and wore my new jean jacket and sunglasses gave me an extra boost of confidence. I was the first one up and actually butchered my name.

“Okay, Sedrick, please state your name, your height and if you’re willing to shave,” the audition runner told me.

“My name is Sedrick blah opps, my bad!” I said.

Embarrassed, they started laughing and I joined in. They told me that it was okay and it was early, they understond.

“By the way, you smell good!” she told me.

I hope that makes me memorable! But after that, I performed my audition a few different ways and that was that.

Getting this audition was special for me because the show is so popular and big. It made me think to myself, “Am I really auditioning for this big show? Am I on this level?” It’s just a wonder and a mystery to me at the same time. I honestly feel like I’m moving forward and getting better. It’s a very cool feeling to be proud of your work and yourself!

I just feel good about everything! I honestly feel like I did my best and gave a variety of strong performances. I was happy to dazzle the casting department with my personality and even laugh with them. For me, this was a win because as much as I want the role and the job, that’s not my main focus. I’m grateful to be asked to be seen at the audition and even if I don’t get the role, hopefully I’m memorable enough that they will invite me back again!

I did my best and that right there is a win for me!

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