Showtime TV Show

Recently, I was advised that I should get some new headshots. Not because the ones I had done last year are bad or anything, but simply because I needed more theatrical, serious-toned headshots. I’m a smiley guy by nature, which explains why I do a lot of commercials, but I was advised that if I want a good show on landing a gig on one of the Chicago TV shows, I need more theatrical shots. Keeping this in mind, I got some new headshots and BOOM – I landed a big audition for an episodic here in Chicago! Just like that!

My audition was for a new TV show that’s filming here in Chicago that’s going to be on the Showtime network. They wanted me to play Cop #1 and the role was for a co-star status. I was a little overwhelmed by that because I’m now moving into the big leagues with bigger projects, bigger roles, on well-known brands.

The audition was at Marissa Ross’s office who is a casting director here who also casts for Chicago Med and some other TV shows and movies that shoot here. I’ve never been to her office before, so this audition was pretty important to me. Not only was for a TV show, but it was for a casting director that gets a lot of big projects here.While I’ve never been to her office for an audition, I have read a monologue for her last year at the Simon Casting event. She seemed to really like me and told me that I did a really good job with some heavy material.

I got the script from my agent while I was at work and then got another email telling me that there were more lines! My agent told me to study hard and be off book and that’s exactly what I did. I went home and memorized my lines and studied all night.

At first, I read through the script to understand what was going on. Then, I broke down the character to see what his motivation and goals were in the scene. After that, I started memorizing one page at time and before I know it, I was ready.

When I got to the casting office, I was nervous, but I was determined to remain focused. I ended up waiting a bit longer than other people, but I was okay with that because waiting is the name of this game. Plus, the extra time allowed me to calm my nervous.

There were two people in the audition room with me, the cameraman and the session runner. The cameraman ended up being a reader with me, but the two of them were staring at me very closely while I was reciting my lines. I didn’t get a bad vibe from but rather more of an “they’re interested, they like what they see, he’s trying” kind of vibe so I’ll chalk it up as something good. When I was done, the session runner said that I did a good job and they only had to tape me once.

At the end of the day, it really wasn’t about whether or not I get this role or not. Of course, I would be over the moon with joy if that happened, there are so many factors that are out of my control for that so I really have to just focus on doing a good job. Maybe then this casting office will invite me back for more auditions.

I feel really good that my new headshots are working, I scored an audition for a TV show, and I did a good job. These are all wins in my book and I just have to keep going!

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