Coffee Infomercial

This booking was an exciting one for me because I know that there were tons and tons of submissions for the project – like hundreds. I have to say that I was surprised when I got the email telling me that they had picked me for a speaking role. I dunno what it is that casting liked about me – be it my headshot or resume – but I’m grateful.

The first thing that I noticed was that I was scheduled for a rehearsal day followed by filming the very next. I’d never been to any kind of rehearsal or table read (let alone one that paid $$), but as I continue my acting journey, I know that I’ll be exposed to a lot of different things and this one of them.

After dealing with a flat tire the night before, I managed to make it to set on time for the rehearsal. There was only 5 of us there, two men, and three women. The producer went through our clothes and picked out three different tops that he liked and said to bring back the next day. He said that we would be sitting so our pants and shoes didn’t matter.

As I learned more about the project, I realized that this wasn’t just like any other commercial because it was an infomercial. I see them on late night TV all the time. The producer asked us a bunch of questions about our coffee drinking experience and later revealed that the client had developed a new coffee maker. The infomercial would consist of us sitting around a table talking about what we liked about it and stuff. This was definitely different, but I rolled with it. There was no reason not to!

To my great surprise, they actually gave me one of the coffee makers. Admittedly, I’m not much of a coffee drinker, but I was actually excited about this! Let’s be honest, it was free and it was cool! It does so many different things and next day they had us talk about our experience with the new coffee maker.

This was a very different experience compared to the normal, scripted commercials that I usually shoot. There was no script. Literally, it was me, two of the other women, and the two hosts, sitting at big long table, drinking coffee and talking about it. There were at least five big cameras aimed at us all around so they definitely caught everything that I said. It felt like I was on a daytime TV show for real. There were so many people in the room, the director, producers, the set designers, and the people that made the coffee machine. And of course you had the makeup artist around who would sneak up behind me and pat my face down. I swear, I’ll never get tired of anyone that’s going to make me look cute.

The TV hosts were awesome. Forbes and Tom were there names and they were so nice. They knew what they were talking about and were skilled in leading me and the others into talking and asking us questions. I saw next to Forbes and she was especially funny. She said that she liked my energy and my smile which was really nice of us.

This was just such a great experience and I’m really glad that I’m continuing to book new gigs. My friends say that I’m always busy and I book so much work, but for me it’s never enough. I’m driven and if all my gigs can be as new and exciting as this one, I’m definitely ready for more!

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