EVINE Promo Shoot

My trip to Minnesota was a good one for a number of reasons. Not only did I get to return to a place that I’ve lived at for a number of years, but I got to see my friends, go to an audition, and I booked a gig. My agents there always try to make my trip worthwhile, and I was excited to get so much out of this visit.

I feel really blessed that my agents there still find work for me. I know it’s not typical for them to work with people who are out of town simply because auditions and bookings are some times so last minute. And if you think of the distance, plane rides, and people’s schedules, things are get messy real quickly. But I work hard to make time for them and to have a flexible schedule. Working at a restaurant definitely helps out with that too.

I visited both my agencies while in town and it was good to see them. We communicate so much over the phone and email so it’s always good to see people face to face. They listened to me as I told them about my life here in Chicago and the bookings and things that I’m getting and they all listened and were happy for me.

For this spot, the footage is being used for a Black Friday event. When I got to set, I met one of my agents, Charles, who was also in the shoot! By mere coincidence, the scene that we were in had me put him in a headlock during the chaos of shopping at a store on Black Friday. It was hilarious and definitely one of the most hilarious times I’ve had on set. I sure hope he still books me some gigs after our encounter though!

But everything with this trip was just wonderful. I had an audition, caught up with old friends, met up with my agents, and booked a gig out of it too. Some of my friends, Laura and Tani, were people I used to work with. They used to run lines with me for auditions and acting classes so I think it was really great they get to see how far I’ve come. And the support from them is overwhelming and much appreciated.

They didn’t know at the time, that I’d be back to town so soon. I just got word today that I booked another gig for next week so I’ll be back real soon!

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