Intel Industrial

Booking work is always an exciting time, but this one kind of came at a surprise for me. I knew I was submitted for this industrial for Intel, the software company, but I was very surprised when I got the email saying “Congrats, you booked the job!”

For this project, wardrobe was a really big deal. I received several emails and phone calls from the Kevin, the producer about it. They wanted me to bring solid dark colors like black, gray, and navy. He even asked me if I had time to run to the mall and pick up something. Unfortunately, I had to work so he said he would get the wardrobe lady to do it.

As always, on the day of the shoot, I brought several options and they had a clothing rack just for me to put my stuff on. It’s so funny, but in the end, they didn’t pick anything that I had brought, but instead I wore a new pair of dark jeans and very nice gray button up shirt.

Very quickly, I noticed that I was the only actor on set. I didn’t realize that beforehand, but it made me even more grateful for being chosen. In fact, the casting woman from Intel was there and I asked her why she picked me. She said that they had a lot of submissions, but she liked my headshot because I looked “friendly”. It’s very cool to know why I was picked and that my headshots are working.

They wanted me to be clean shaven, but they made me shave again since the camera would be very focused on my face. But the makeup artist was very nice and she took some behind the scene photos for me and was in my Snap Chats and Facebook stories and stuff.

The actually video had me playing with their virtual reality goggles over my eyes. The newer ones have controllers with them and the “game” had me navigating inside a Walgreens and blasting shelves of products and replacing them. They filmed me using the googles and I guess they’ll use that footage for presentations for the VR goggles.

It was such a cool day. Since I was the only actor on set, there was a lot of attention put on me and the makeup artist made sure that I looked my best at all time. At the end of the day, the producer let me keep the new shirt I was wearing. I’ve been in a lot of shoots and I’ve never been able to keep any of the wardrobe. But I guess there’s first time for everything! It was very fun and I feel like I got paid to play video games for a few hours. I felt incredibly blessed!

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