Men in Black Shoot

Okay, so I guess the title is a little misleading, but if you saw my outfit, you’d think I was dressed like the Men in Black too. But last week, after I came back from my shoot in Minnesota, I got a call from a director asking me about my availability for a short film he was working on. I vaguely remember submitting my headshot and resume for this, but Ben, the director, said that he went to my website and after viewing my videos of my work, felt like I would be a good fit for his film.

I mean, how could I say no to something like that? To me, his comments is what every actor hopes to hear. And I’m really glad that my website is yielding the results that I’d always hope for. My website is a good representation of my work and he used it to find out more about it, which is great!

I agreed to do it. Since I work at a flexible job with amazing co-workers, I managed to switch shifts with somebody else and came in later. The shoot was 8:30 am and only had a few lines, but it was still an amazing experience. For me, I just want to get out there and act. The best way to get better at any job and craft is to keep doing it and to practice. There’s an art to being on camera, in front of other people, while reciting lines that you’ve memorized and portraying a character.

I was playing a bodyguard. The story was that I was supposed to be working and protecting a big-time political figure, but me and another guy decided to play hooky, and went to a park to eat popsicles. I thought it was funny and it was fun to shoot.

My mind went back to some of my acting classes that taught me how to eat (or barely eat) when filming and reciting lines. Besides, the popsicles were delicious and me and my scene partner, Robert, looked good in a black suits and sunglasses. It was great meeting Robert too and I found out that we belong to the same agency!

So as always, it was a very good experience to have. Working with others, learning more about them and what they do is a good feeling. Hopefully I’ll have the opportunity to work with these guys again!

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