My Prison Shoot

I’ve experienced some things in my short, but blossoming acting career, but I have to say that my latest shoot really takes the cake. When my agent emailed me on Sunday asking me if I was available for a shoot, I had no idea that it would land me in prison…literally with an orange jumpsuit and everything.

It’s been awhile since I heard from this agent, but there still a good one for me. I’m trying to get more print work and they’ve booked me some really cool stuff in the past. So, it was a no brainer for me when they contacted me about this shoot. My answer is always yes because I really do want the experience and boy was it one!

The client was a food service company so I figured I would model and be a worker or something. I was right, in part. When I got on set, they did have shirts, jackets, and brand named hats for us to wear. And they took photos and a video of me stocking the warehouse and taking inventory and things like that. But they also had an orange jumpsuit! I was like…huh? There was only three other guys besides me on set and these guys were definitely taller and bigger than I am. So I definitely had to take the smallest size of everything they had – the XL and 2XL sized jumpsuit didn’t cut it for me.

I was surprised, but I went with it. The food services company works with the inmates with stocking and stuff so they wanted videos and photos of the inmates aka me and the other actors/models. I get it and it makes sense.

But nothing could of prepared me for walking in the prison. I’ll admit that it was a little scary. We walked through so many doors with locks and bars on it, it was clear that no one would be getting out of there unless they had permission to leave. I ever saw many of the inmates in their bunks and stuff.

Once in the prison, they had us go to the kitchen where the inmates cooked bread. They had us help out and roll the dough and take the bread out of the oven. After that, they took some photos of us in the inmates dorms with their bunks and stuff. We even shot some scenes in their eating quarters where they have visitors come to talk to them.

It was definitely a very different experience and not at all what I expected. The shoot was for two days so I stayed in a hotel overnight and headed back to the prison the next day. I’m glad they let me out though!

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