Rockwell Shoot

It’s been awhile since I last blogged about my acting adventures so I definitely wanted to get back into it. The world as we know it was definitely changed with the corona virus all over the world and the new norm is going about your day and walking outside wearing a mask. A lot of businesses have taken a huge hit with this and the acting industry is in the same boat. So, the acting gigs have definitely slowed down which is why I am so excited that I booked a gig yesterday!

It’s always so nice to get that email saying, “They want you!” or “We wanna book you!” Honestly, there’s always hundreds of submissions for just one role so to have directors and producers choose me is such a wonderful feeling. Even though I book jobs all the time, every single one of them feels like the very first time and I’m extremely humbled by it!

The fact that the shoot was located in Milwaukee is no big deal for me! It’s not that far and I’m always opened minded to traveling for a job. Heck, last summer, I was in four different cities for four different acting jobs in one week so driving an hour and a half was a piece of cake!

With COVID-19 a factor, sets are very limited to amount of people that they have around and I felt like this the production team did a good job of keeping everyone safe with masks, temperature checks, etc. The make-up artists did a really good job on me and she really made me feel like I’m not as ugly as I sometimes think I am ha ha.

The shoot was a breeze! The building we shot in was pretty much empty but it was such a nice place! Very up to date and modern with big offices, phone rooms where you can have a private chat, and even the restrooms had automated soap, water, and heating dispensers! That really blew me! The building a lone made me wanna get a job there!

And it’s always fun to talk with other actors and models and hear their stories about acting and whatnot One man who worked there for decades, named Steve, really liked my story about my Menards commercial and other things. The photographer let me see a lot of the photos after we shot them and they looked top of the line! They had us on phones as if we were in a call center and execs in a board me. Fancy, fancy indeed!

All and all, everything added up to an amazing day! I was feeling good, they made me look good, and I just feel so blessed and fortunate with being apart of shoots like this. The day was a constant reminder that when things are really for you, they have a way of always working out for you!

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