Wisconsin Fun

In order to be successful, I think it’s important to be open minded and flexible. So when my Wisconsin agent asked me if I could come there for a photo shoot with a photographer, I was more than willing to go! Opportunities are some times far and in between so to me, you’ve got to jump on the bus while the bus is moving!

I managed to get someone to cover my shift at work and even invited my friend, Serena, to come with me! Not surprisingly, she was a ball of fun and I feel like we laughed and sang songs from the radio all the way to Wisconsin and back. And she was a big help too! She took a lot of behind the scenes photos and videos from the trip which helps me document my journey. I don’t always get to share my acting adventures with my friends, but I was happy I could share this with her.

The photographer I shot with was Adam Ryan Morris and he made the entire shoot fun and relaxing. He needed video footage of me shaving so we shot that bunch of times and then he took some lifestyle photos of me. Laughing is what I do best, so most of the photos of me doing that.

Making a video of me shaving was different, but it turned out to be a really fun experience. Adam was really nice and I think that we got the footage that he needed. By the end of the day, my face was smoother than a babie’s butt though. I will say that since we repeated it over and over again! Ha ha! But the photos that Adam took turned out great so it was a win-win!

What made the trip even better was that I had an audition in block away from my shoot! So I was able to audition for a Potawatomi Casion commercial and as it turns out – I booked that shoot too!

So, going to Wisconsin was a blast! I shot photos and videos with Adam, a very talented photographer, hung out with my friend, and auditioned a booked a commercial! I’d say the trip was definitely worth it!

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