The Couples Photo Shoot

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words and I think that’s true. Most people would rather look at pictures than read words and to some extent, that’s true in the industry. People are visual learners. Last year, I did a print job photo shoot for Park Nicollet Clinic as a businessman. I sent the photos to my agents and pretty much everything that I was casted in last year was me as a businessman. All of that steamed from that one shoot where all my agents remembered me in the role of a businessman. It certainly helped that the photos were high-quality and great, but every time something came up about a businessman, my agents knew that I was there go-to guy because I had already successfully done it.

But I want to diversify my portfolio so that people can see me in different roles – a young dad, a boyfriend, a college student, a young doctor. So, today I had a photo shoot with a photographer that took some photos of me last year in downtown Minneapolis. I asked Lynnea, my co-star from a film that I did last year to help me out. She played my wife in the film so I figured that she could portray my girlfriend for the shoot.

It was a very windy day in downtown St. Paul, but we managed to get some wonderful shots! We shot at a Caribou coffee shop while drinking some coffee and really just had a very fun time together! Lynnea and I were super comfortable with each other and I’m very grateful that she was able to help me out. She actually told me, “You are working hard at building your brand! I admire your dedication to your craft!” And that makes me feel very good. She and the photographer told me that I acted like a professional and that I take direction well and it made me smile. It’s always nice to hear good things about your work.

Lynnea and I aren’t actually a couple, but as we walked down the street and were shooting, people thought that we were. One woman actually stopped us and said, “Congratulations” as if we were taking engagement pictures or something. We just smiled and laughed. I guess that means we did a really good job!

After all, a picture is worth a thousand words, especially if the picture is good.

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