Twin Cities Actor Expo

Today, I got someone to cover my shift at work in order to attend the Twin Cities Actor Expo presented by the Twin Cities Film Fest. Aside from getting a day off from work, this was a fun filled day full of a lot of information. For starters, I think there’s something special and very cool about being in a room full of people who are connected to the industry in some way and are trying to pursue the same things as you are. The expo had anyone ranging from actors, agents, casting directors, photographers, and directors and just being around all of these people made me feel that I wasn’t alone in the pursuit of my dreams. Why? Because they’re all striving for a similar goal.

The expo had different sessions going on at once so it was kind of difficult in choosing which session to attend to. The first session that I went to was one geared towards actors and their taxes. I’m actually at this point in my career where I have to file taxes as an actor so it was very great to get information about what is and isn’t deductible and some mistakes that actors make during tax season.

Another session that I went to was about the online actor which focused on actors being on social media, submitting things online, and having an online presence. Actors having their own websites was discussed and it made me feel good knowing that I already have one up and running. Matter of fact, there was a list of good actor websites to look at and my website was on the list! Now that was a proud moment for me! After all, you are your own small business and being connected online and having a website is part of the business.

I remember going to the expo last year and talking with one of my agents who I had signed with, but hadn’t called me for anything in six months. Well, she remembered me as the guy who is a “hard worker and very persistent”. A week after our conversation, she called me up and asked me to come to the agency to audition for her so she could see where my skills were at. Things must have gone right for me because I started getting more and more calls from that agency and honestly, I credit that to my conversation at the Actors Expo!

And that actually brings me to my next point…Networking and building relationships is very important in this industry and this expo was a very good opportunity to mingle with people in the field. I saw people that I’ve worked with on shoots, had acting classes with, or even just sat next to at an audition. It’s a great place to bring everyone together to grow and learn and it’s definitely something any actor, whether new or old, should take advantage of. Like my agent situation, you really just never know what kinds of doors can open for you.

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