Movie Premiere Party

On Sunday of this past weekend, I had the privilege of attending a premiere screening of the featured Christian film I had a role in called “Soul Survivors: Dating Angels”. This film was what my very first blog for this site was about and you can read about it HERE.

Days leading up to the event, I found myself getting really excited about it. It was my very first premiere party and I thought it was a cool idea for family and friends to get together and watch the finished product on the big screen. Even though I had a small role in the film playing Louis, the main character’s father in flashback scenes, I’m still proud of my work and that I could be apart of this product. I worked with some wonderful people and it was good for all of us to catch up with each other! Plus, it’s always good to see the fruits of your labor. In the business, especially with commercials and such, you don’t always get to see how everything turned out once it’s put together and even then it can be difficult tracking down your work. So, having an event, that placed all of the actors, crew, music people, and directors all in one place, it was a good way to celebrate a job well done.

The film is a little over an hour, but my scenes played out about twenty minutes into the film. I filmed these scenes at the end of October of last year, but seeing the finished product and how everything was put together gave me such an amazing feeling. There’s something about seeing yourself on a theater screen or even television…it’s just very cool. And seeing the entire film, listening to the music…everything just flowed very nicely together. Of course afterwards I had to take tons of photos with my fellow co-stars and some with my twin brother, Reggie, who showed up. After all, this was definitely an event I want to remember and hopefully it’s the first of many movie premieres.

Be sure to check out photos from the premiere in THE GALLERY.

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