New Headshots

Headshots are everything in this business. It’s the first thing that casting directors see and it’s instrumental when they are deciding on who a part and even who gets an audition. I recently met with a casting director and she said that I had very good headshots, but suggested that I get some more serious toned, non-smiling ones. I’m a very smiley guy and that’s really great for commercials, but if I want a shot at more TV and film work, I need more dramatic toned headshots.

I did some research and asked some of my other actor friends and eventually decided to go with Chris Popio of Popio Stumpf Photography . I’ve heard really good things about him and a few of my friends have used him and their headshots look great.

Chris offers a free consultation either at his studio or over the phone. I opted for over the phone since I was visiting my parents at the time. He called me, and he asked me about myself, my career, and what I wanted out of my headshots. I told him specifically what the casting director told me, about needing more serious toned headshots and he listened and assured me he would take a variety of photos. After our conversation, we settled on a date and that was that. I enjoyed our phone meeting because it gave me a chance to chat with the photographer about what I wanted and it probably gave him a chance to prepare for my session better.

On the day of the shoot, I brought a suitcase full of clothes which was a good thing because we had plenty of options to choose from. Chris really liked the gray shirt and hoodie that I was wearing and suggested that we first shoot in that so we did.

His makeup artist, Marla, was everything to me that day! She was so wonderful and easy to talk to. I snap chatted and took pictures and videos and she laughed and joined right along as if we were old friends. I could feel that she was very genuine when she spoke with me and was sincerely interested in my answers, which made the entire process relaxing and fun!

Chris is a genius behind the camera! He was able to capture shots from very different angles that I’m not used to and I loved the background scenery that he put together. I felt like I laughed the entire time and he and Marla really made the day all about me, which was very cool and made me feel special.

Chris showed me some preview shots when we were done and I was really blown away by the variety and how good the headshots had turned out! I asked Chris to take a photo with me and of course he obliged. I really like that they let me document my headshot session on Facebook, Instagram and Snap Chat. It’s another piece to my acting journey.

Honestly, shooting with Chris was such a wonderful experience, I’d recommend him to my worse enemy – he’s that good! The entire session made me happy to be getting new headshots, but even prouder to be getting them from Chris Popio!

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