The Power of Networking

I’ve come to find out firsthand that networking can be a very powerful tool for an actor. And I have to admit – sometimes I don’t feel like I’m the best at it.  Around town, there’s always some film festivals, actors groups, or something like that, but I usually don’t go because I’m busy working or something. I don’t go to shows at the Guthrie or even audition to be apart of the shows (something I should change). But in spite of this, I’ve still managed to get to know a lot of people.

So here’s what happened: About a year ago, I submitted myself for a project and the director, Debbie Johnson liked me and wanted me to have a small role in her current production. I think I was just supposed to be a waiter or something and it was a paid gig with a few lines, but I wasn’t able to get out of work (a desk job) so I had to pass on the opportunity. I’ve always regretted this decision because as I’ve seen in the last year, acting gigs comes in waves so when an opportunity presents itself, I should take it.  Me and the director, Debbie, kept in contact with each other every few months. I’d send an email to check in and see what she’s up to and we’d chat.

Cut to a year later on a Saturday while I’m at work, and she calls out of the blue. Her voicemail said that she remembered me and wanted to offer me a role in a film she was working on!  When I got home, I quickly sent her my acting reel and she called me on Monday morning and poof – next thing you know, I got a part in a film!

The funny thing is that I spoke with my one of my agents and she told me that the agency had been casting for the film and wondered how I got a part without their help. I explained and she was impressed. At least, I think she was, but to be honest, I’m impressed too. I never would of imagined that I’d get a call like that. Now, I’m not saying that this sort of thing happens everyday, but when it does, it’s exciting! And it just goes to show that you never know what can happen and that’s why it’s best to maintain good relationships. I’d be willing to gamble that this director will keep me in mind for future projects and that’s not a bad thing at all.


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