Acting Class 101

Things have been pretty slow for me, but I try to keep things moving and be as active as I possibly can. So when times are slow, I’m always training, getting new headshots, and finding gigs on my own. Basically, I’m just trying to do whatever I can to stay active, motivated, and focused. Weeks of not getting any phone calls or doing anything can really weigh me down, so it’s important for me to keep moving forward.

A few weeks ago, I took this weekend intensive acting class at the Vagabond School here in Chicago. It was my first time at the training school, but my time there was great. I met up a few of my acting friends and we learned together. The scenes we did were fun and interesting and it was great interacting with them too. I even had a scene where I had a British accent! At first, I thought that I would sound stupid, but surprisingly, I actually pulled it off and it’s something that I learned about myself!

My acting coach’s technique really helped me too. He made us to do exercises where we had to do multiple things at once which is much like acting. Remember your lines, feeling emotions, blocking are all things that you have to do at once so the exercises were cool. Another thing that made this coach really cool was that he’s an actor, director, and producer. So many times, when he’s working on a film, he will have his students audition for different roles. I worked with him for one day and surely enough, he emailed me that evening about auditioning for a film that he was working on!

The role he wanted me to play was of a guy who witnesses a kidnapping and things go downhill from there. After reading the script, the part was a pretty major one and he had tons of pages of dialogue. The fact that my coach felt that I should audition for it really gave me a confidence boost and made me believe in myself again. After weeks of getting nothing, I was definitely moving in the right direction and that was a wonderful feeling to have!

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