Meals For Monologues

This week, I had the privilege to attend a very fun event. One of the biggest casting directors here in Chicago held an event in which actors were able to bring canned goods to donate to a food depository and in return, the casting directors saw the actor perform their monologue. To me, this was a wonderful way to donate and help out those less fortunate as well as being seen my the casting directors.

Casting directors are the ones responsible for casting actors for roles on TV shows, films and commercials. They’ve got a big job and Chicago is a big place, but I’m happy I was able to be apart of something so positive and helpful for my career.

For me, the unfortunate truth is that I haven’t been in many of the bigger casting directors offices here in Chicago since I moved here this summer. I’ve definitely been keeping busy with training, taking classes, networking, and getting new headshots, but it’s not always easy to be seen by these casting directors or to land an audition. Here in Chicago, they’re responsible for TV shows here like Empire and Chicago Fire as well as a host of big-time commericals and industrials so they’re very busy. In Minnesota, it was easier for me book a commercial or go to auditions because it was a smaller market. But it’s a lot more difficult here in Chicago. Some times I feel like I’m like a fish in a bigger pond. So this event was a big deal for me because it allowed me to perform for them.

Since most the TV shows here are dramas, I performed my dramatic monologue. My monologue dealt with a young man dealing with the death of his mother, but not being able to accept the reality that she’s gone. I think I did a good job with it and I saw the casting directors write down some notes, so I’m hoping that that’s a good sign of something!

Regardless, I’m proud of the fact that I felt good about my performance and I’m thrilled that I had the opportunity to show them my acting skills, even if it was just a monologue. Something is always better than nothing and I am truly grateful for the opportunity.

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