Taking Acting Classes

I think that it’s important for every actor to take classes and to train. Honestly, it’s the best advice that I can give to anyone that wants to get into the industry. Even the most seasoned actors needs training and it’s never a bad idea to brush up on the skills that you’ve learned in the past and to learn something new.

Based on my resume, I was placed in on an On-Camera 2 class with one of the leading training studios here in Chicago. It was an eight week course that involved me getting scripts from well known TV shows, pilots, new shows and more.

The class was structured in a way that was very different from any of the previous classes that I’ve taken before. Usually, you receive your script with your scenes right away, have a week to prepare for it, and you’d be paired with other students in the class. Not so with this class. It was very much structured like an audition in which I received the script two or three days before class and then was put on camera, reciting the lines with someone else who was off camera, usually my instructor.

At first, I was very put off by this format because it didn’t give me a lot of time to prepare my lines, but my instructor emphasized and stressed that that was entirely the point! When I get a script for an audition, it usually is a day or two ahead of time. The purpose of this structure was to teach us how to effectively prepare for an audition even with life, work, and a busy schedule. So, I started bringing my script to work and I’d rehearse on my breaks the day before class and things like that. Luckily for me, I learn lines pretty quickly, but I developed a better way to be ready for an audition even when you don’t have as much time as you’d like to prepare.

So even though this class was different for me, I’ve learned quite a lot. Different doesn’t always mean bad and you can learn and grow out of any situation. I feel that I’ve grown as an actor, performer, and as a person from this class. I’m more confident in my performances and I’ve learned to embrace the “wins” of the business. You won’t always land the part that you audition for, but as long as you prep well, deliver a good performance, and leave a good impression, that’s a win! Landing an agent, getting an audition, getting into an acting class and receiving applause from your performances…none of those examples involved booking a job, but they are all wins.

And that’s very important for me as I continue to integrate into this new market of Chicago. Starting over is never easy, but I feel like I’m planting good seeds. And if I keep planting seeds, it’s only a matter of time before those seeds grow and it’s time to harvest.

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