The Breakup

Well, it happened to me. We broke up. A few of my agents and I parted ways. In my heart, I feel like this breakup was a long time coming, but it’s still an interesting feeling. It’s hard finding an agent, but I’ve been blessed that I’ve been able to find several different agencies that were interested in representing me. I’ve always felt that being multi-listed, meaning having more than one agent, was what was best for me. When one agent wasn’t calling me, another one was and that kept the auditions and bookings coming.

At least, that’s what’s worked for me when I was in Minnesota. But I’m not there anymore and I have to keep that in mind. The market in Minnesota is much different here in Chicago.

Any breakup is difficult, after all, I worked hard to get these agents. The process of submitting, meeting them, maintaining a relationship with them takes a lot of work and it’s sad to see that relationship end. But, I felt it was necessary for me as I try to move forward with my career. In my experience, the worst thing that you can do is stay in a bad relationship because they rarely get better.

So what happened? In short, nothing. I was able to get six different agencies and in truth only one of them was actually sending me out on auditions and booking work for me. The others were pretty quiet and nothing was really happening. Early on, I identified my role and did everything that I felt I could do build a relationship with them. I communicated with them about the little work I was getting every now and then, I updated them with new headshots and reels and I always let them know when I was finishing up an acting class. I did all of that hoping to spark some interest in me, but sadly, my efforts didn’t pay off.

I spoke with a friend in the business and she suggested that perhaps I was overrepresented. Huh? How can you have too many agents I thought? But she pointed out that sometimes casting directors get confused as to where to find you since they were receiving several submissions from different agencies. That never crossed my mind, but it could definitely be a possibility.

So that’s what prompted me to make this move. I wouldn’t want my non-existent relationship with some of these agencies to inadvertently hinder me from opportunities. Besides, sometimes you have to try something new in order to get something new. And in my heart, I know that I sincerely did everything that I could to work with them.

Again, ending any relationship is never easy, but I feel that I remained composed and professional. I didn’t go off and question them why I hadn’t received in audition in over six months, but rather thanked them for their efforts and told them that I was moving in a new direction.

I feel good about the decisions that I’ve made. The journey is never easy, but you have to trust that you’re making the right decision and take a leap of faith. This will also give me an opportunity to strengthen my relationship with the agents that I’m still with.

Any challenging situation is either a trial to be endured or an opportunity to become more than you’ve even been. I feel confident with my decisions and am excited to be moving forward.

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